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Open                      6:00 

Early Bird Nap      6:00-7:00 

Free Play               7:00-8:30

Breakfast               8:30-9:00                                                                                                                                                                                         
Circle Time            9:00-9:30

Sm. Group             9:30-10:00 

Preschool            10:00-10:30

Free Play/
Out Side               10:30-11:00

Sm. Group            11:00-11:30

Lunch                    11:30-12:15

T.V                         12:15-12:30

Nap Time                12:30-2:30

Sm. Group/
Free Play                  2:30-3:30

Snack Time              3:30-4:00

Free Play/
Out Side                   4:00-5:00

Sm. Group               5:00-6:00

Activities may change depending on age group and activity. Times are a give and take, wash hands, toilet, diapers in the time too.                                     


Our days are full with fun and learning. We keep the children busy and days fly. I really love to teach and that is one of my big goals, is to get our kids ready for their life of school. I put a few pictures on here to show some things that we do, we are not just a place to bring your child for the day. We are a place to bring your child to learn, and have fun doing it.