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Infant Room  2 months to 17 months 
Toddler room 18 months to 3 years 
Preschool  3 years to 5 years 
School age  5 years and up

Our infant room has a max of  4 babies a day. They have all the comforts of home, some babies bring their own food. Parents can supply their own food if they decide too. 

Babies sleep at their own time until they are able to start getting on a schedule. They have their own crib and do not share sleeping supplies. They do not have anything in their crib to follow the Washington state WAC

When parents feel ready, babies can start with table food, they will be served what the other children are eating but their size. When they reach 1 year they will be on table food full time and move to cow milk. If there is any food issues we do work with parents
Toddlers are ready to run and play and learn. They are a very busy age group and keep us on our toes. They have their own play room with their age group toys. We start to teach pick up, sharing, manners, and education in play. We do have routine for them, but some times does no go. 

Toddlers do start to make friends, that is when learning to share starts to show up. They may play together at times, or in a group but still like to do their own thing. This age group has an adult in their room at all times. They have their meals at tables for their age. 

If children have food issues we do work with the parents. We do welcome parents to share meals with the children, if parents have a dish that they would like to bring to day care we also welcome that .
Our preschool group are getting ready to start their start at school. We prepare them for school with help from mom and dad. They learn all day, our program also teaches the children how to work with other people, sharing, clean up, take turns, nice words. We have play based learning, hands on activities. Activities are changed out to keep the children interested. 

They continue to sharpen their manners and respect for other people. To listen to teachers, directions, and other children and adults.

They have their own play area, enjoy home cooked meals, no fast food here. We work with food issues too. 

Our school age program is home away from home for them. At school age, they still need some one to look after them. For meals and supervision. Our main school is Lowell school, but we also care for children from other schools, but we do not transport children to and from school. It is up to parents to get their child to day care after school.

They also have meals prepared for them, breakfast before school so they can work hard at learning what they need. Have  snack when they return from school. We do non school days and half school days. 

They have their own play area too, also a place to work on home work if needed. We do not use any electronic games, computers at all. Our toys they need to use their own mind, to pretend. 

We work with food issues for this age group too. 


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