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1708 63rd St SE
Everett Washington  98203 

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                                                   ​      Welcome to Just Like Home Day Care LLC

                                             Licensed Home Child Care Program

                                                     Just Like Home Day Care 
State Licensed number

                                         Now Enrolling
                                    2 months to 5 years
                     FREE ENROLLMENT FOR ALL AGES

​  Lowell school bus                    Saturday visit appointment only 
Just wanted to say great job teaching Addison her letters!!! I have not taught or even tried to teach her how to write a W. Last night at Ccd she wrote a AW on her prayer leaf. Leland and I were so proud but can't take the credit! Thank you! 

Enrolled parent- Carly W. 
This letter is from a family that we had since their daughter was born, she is now 2 years. They are having another baby and staying home. 

This was not an easy decision for us because we know that Nicole loves you both and has so much fun at your day care. We appreciate so much the love and wonderful care you have given her. We  definitely refer your day care to anyone. 

Jaclynn B. 
I have enjoyed the time my daughter has spent with you both. She has learned so much. I don't have to worry about anything. I know that she is being cared for.  Jennifer M. 
During the years that my children were in Laurie's care, my oldest son learned to read and write (3 years). My youngest is on his way to learning to write. Laurie not only provided child care, she strove for excellence by teaching the children basic skills to prepare them for school. Both of my children are currently excelling in school in the Highly Capable Program and I credit their early start in reading and writing to Laurie who sparked their interest in learning.  Lynda B. 
Jerry and Laurie, thank you both for all you both do for Barrett. We are very lucky to have you.

Dough, Jessica B.                                     Current 

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